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Spring is finally here and I just finished my first single in 2021. I’m happy I took a break during the holidays in December and January which I desperately needed. Since January I’ve been working on four songs and Oouu is the first one that’s finalized. Sometimes there is a song that almost writes and produces itself - where there’s simply flow from start to end and Oouu was one of those. It still took me about a month to write, produce and mix everything but the whole production went smoothly and I enjoyed every minute of it. The only thing I actually remember is having the bassline down and the rest just naturally added up to the song. Even the lyrics just felt so natural to the beat and were completed in a blink of an eye. Oouu was also my first production that went on without any technical hiccups or producing crises which makes me very happy and proud. Even the making of the music video was simply fun (but so much work though). The song is quite happy and sexy and I wanted the video to reflect it. So, since we’re still in lockdown I gradually transformed my living room into a colourful little studio. Already early on in the creation of Oouu I had a vision of how I wanted to visualize the song but figuring out the set, lighting and camera setup simultaneously as being in front of it performing was super challenging. But somehow I think I managed and now you’ll be the judge of it.

Oouu in the end is a simple, colourful and sexy song born in the darkness of January, which I hope you’ll like and enjoy. The official release day of the song and video is March 19th, 2021 but for everyone who reads this before that, here’s the link to the video already:


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