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Like a Bird Without You

Like a Bird Without You was a hard song. I wanted it to convey the feeling of being free of your own limitations, compromising feelings or bad people in your life. The song was so hard since it took me a while to find its final form. I redid the production like 10 times and rewrote the lyrics several times until the final version emerged after a few weeks of work.

I always think it’s very fascinating how songs slowly develop in their own direction and how one song almost writes itself and another takes weeks and a lot of headaches until it finds its final form.

I was also stuck with the video production of the song. In my mind, I saw the video in a black & white version, almost like an animated or drawn video. I also started several versions which were solely animated and one version with a black and white split screen. However, the version that felt the most natural was eventually an almost monochrome version with a white background and black outlines.

Well, now the song is done, the music distributed and the final cut of the video finalized.

Release date on all platforms will be the 16th October 2020 :)

Pre-Safe Link:

YouTube Channel:

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