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Just Dance With Me

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

This song was such fun to write and produce. There are songs that take forever to make and then there are songs like this one which is written, produced and recorded within two weeks time.

I actually produced the beat beforehand while I was just looking for inspiration. After the long lockdown, I was in the mood for something positive that makes me happy when listening to it and makes me want to move my hips and feet again. The production of the beat was just one big flow of ideas and samples that found their place in the song. It is the best feeling in the whole world when the work is flowing and when I am sitting happy and engaged in front of my Mac and Logic Pro, slightly headbanging to the beat while making it come together.

The beat was produced within 3-4 days, I think, and afterwards, I sat down and wrote the lyrics. Those were a bit harder. I had an alternative chorus in the beginning and rewrote the verse a lot. I wanted it to be easy and engaging, however still personal to me and finding the final version of the lyrics and melody took a few days as well. As soon as I found the final melody and chorus though I just knew that this was the right version of the song. The days thereafter I spend recording the vocals and tried mixing it myself until I realized that I am not used to my own voice and I can't stay objective because I criticize every minor detail of it.

So, I send it to an engineer and with revisions, it took about 3 weeks to get the mix right. Then, I mastered the file after my liking and now we have the final song :)

It's not perfect - and it never is - but this song just makes me very happy and I always feel good vibes when listening to it still.

Just Dance With Me is currently being processed at my distributor and is scheduled at Spotify and iTunes for September 18th at noon.

I really hope that listening to the song makes people as happy as me when listening to it and that it will give the listeners some late summer vibes even after spending most of the time indoors this year.

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